Stay Classy, not Trashy!

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous". In this sentence Coco Chanel summed up everything, what I really adore in the feminine style :) Class, elegance and a beautiful dress - this is it! :D  I wish polish streets looked like Milan's ones full of women wearing beautiful well-cut dresses from top to toe - and not only on Sunday! :) Why actually polish girls don't wear elegant dresses on a daily basis? Why do we think, that a classy dress is reserved only for the big occasions? C'mon, just be brave, wear a classy dress walking the street, working at the office, be elegant, be true woman! :D Underline your femininity and your class! :) Remember, stay classy, never trashy! :)))

Hat - NewYorker
Cheerful check dress - Mohito
Coat - House
Knee socks - Calzedonia
Heels - Stradivarius
Pearls - no name / gift

1 comment:

  1. super stylizacja i świetnie pozujesz ;)